The landscape of trade across the Irish Sea has undergone significant transformation in the post-Brexit era. With the introduction of new customs regulations and compliance requirements, businesses face unprecedented challenges in ensuring the smooth flow of goods throughout the UK and Ireland. At TST Group, we have embraced these changes with strategic foresight and operational excellence, positioning ourselves as leaders in navigating these complex waters.

TST Group maintains in-house customs teams located at depots on both sides of the Irish Sea. These teams provide comprehensive customs clearance services for any type of load, including groupage, for existing transport and warehousing customers, as well as for companies requiring stand-alone customs services.

Prioritising customs in the early stages of all new projects and conversations with our clients is vital and our team excels at navigating these complexities, ensuring seamless transport operations.

The Unsung Heroes: Customs Brokers

Customs brokers play a crucial role in the seamless movement of goods across borders, yet their efforts often go unnoticed. They effortlessly navigate the labyrinth of trade regulations, possessing a deep understanding of ever-changing customs laws, tariffs, and compliance requirements. Placing the complexities of customs arrangements in the hands of our highly knowledgeable team ensures that your goods will have a smooth transit to their destination.

Partnerships: Our successful navigation of Brexit-related customs issues is largely due to the strong partnerships and relationships our customs team has established with port authorities. These collaborations are crucial for the efficient management of our customs transactions.

Utilising Ferry Routes: TST utilises all major ferry routes across the Irish Sea, enabling our transport team to choose the most efficient paths for shipments. Many transport companies only use a single route.

Navigating Regulatory Waters: Customs brokers at TST Group are adept at interpreting and applying customs laws, ensuring businesses avoid potential pitfalls and maintain compliance.

Mitigating Trade Risks: In an era marked by geopolitical differences and economic uncertainties, our customs brokers serve as the first line of defense against trade risks. They assess potential risks, provide strategic advice, and help businesses navigate complex trade environments, safeguarding the interests of our clients.

Facilitating Smooth Transactions: Our brokers streamline customs clearance processes, expedite shipments, and minimise bureaucratic hurdles. This efficiency ensures that goods flow seamlessly across borders, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

Problem-Solvers Extraordinaire: When challenges arise, our brokers are quick to resolve documentation discrepancies, navigate customs delays, and address compliance issues with ingenuity and resourcefulness. Their problem-solving abilities keep trade moving forward.

Driving Economic Growth: By enabling businesses to navigate Brexit, access global markets and seize new opportunities, our team in TST Group plays a vital role in stimulating economic activity and creating jobs.

TST Group’s Proactive Strategies

As a full-service logistics provider, TST Group has taken significant steps to adapt to the post-Brexit landscape. We are proud to announce our successful transition from the CHIEF system to the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS), well ahead of the June 4, 2024, deadline. This transition marks a significant milestone in our operations, enhancing our ability to provide superior service to our customers.

Streamlined Customs Processing: CDS allows us to process customs declarations faster and with greater accuracy, ensuring our goods move smoothly through the supply chain.

Seamless Integration: Our early adoption of CDS was achieved through careful planning and comprehensive staff training, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to our services.

Future-Ready Compliance: By moving to CDS ahead of the deadline, we ensure ongoing compliance with HMRC requirements and position ourselves for future growth in a dynamic trade environment which demonstrates our commitment to leveraging the latest technology to enhance operational efficiency and deliver superior service to our customers.

Authorised Consignor/Consignee status

TST Group’s Authorised Consignor/Consignee status is a certification granted by customs authorities, enabling businesses to streamline their transport and logistics operations. With this status, companies can expedite the customs clearance process, allowing goods to be directly transported from or to their premises without requiring inspections at the border. This reduces delays, lowers costs, and enhances the efficiency of international trade. In essence, it grants trusted businesses more autonomy and reliability in managing their supply chains, crucial in the fast-paced world of transport and logistics.

As the post-Brexit landscape continues to evolve, TST Group remains committed to excellence in logistics and customs services. Our strategic adoption of the CDS, combined with the expertise of our in-house customs teams, positions us as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of international trade.