In the dynamic world of modern business, choosing the right warehousing solution is vital.

From our TST Group headquarters in Ballymena, home to over 1 million sq. ft of warehousing including our reliable bonded warehousing services, we offer comprehensive supply chain solutions throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Time and time again, we stand out as the leading choice for businesses seeking to optimise their bonded warehousing and distribution strategies in a post-Brexit economy.

Embracing our bonded warehousing is a strategic decision for businesses aiming for success in today’s challenging economic landscape.

Types of Bonded Warehousing:

At TST Group, we understand the diverse needs of the distilleries and brands we work with and therefore offer two types of bonded warehousing to cater to these requirements:

  • Trade Facility Warehousing: Ideal for businesses that need a duty suspension environment for goods in active trade or manufacturing processes.
  • General Storage and Distribution: Perfect for companies looking for a more comprehensive solution, encompassing bonded storage and the distribution of goods.

Both options provide a duty suspension environment, pausing the payment of duty until the point of sale or portability, offering significant financial benefits and flexibility for our customers.

Customs Advantages:

Our bonded warehousing offers the critical advantage of deferring excise duties on alcohol. This financial benefit allows for more strategic and effective financial management, reducing upfront costs and improving cash flow. As a full-service logistics provider, we have in-house customs teams at depots on both sides of the Irish Sea to provide seamless customs clearance services.

Strategic Importance for Industries, Especially Irish Whiskey:

TST Group’s bonded warehousing facility is especially vital for alcoholic beverage industries in Northern Ireland. Especially with Irish Whiskey being a lucrative commodity, our warehousing solutions present an ideal environment for this industry.

Strategic Location and Supply Chain Efficiency:

Our facilities are strategically located near major ports, benefiting from Northern Ireland’s unique positioning between the UK, Ireland, and the EU. This reduces transport costs and lead times and minimises the risk of damage to goods during transit.

Storage Flexibility and Security:

The flexibility of our bonded warehousing solutions supports dynamic inventory management, allowing businesses to adapt swiftly to market changes. High-security standards at our facilities ensure the safety and integrity of stored goods.


Choosing TST Group’s bonded warehousing services leads to direct savings across various aspects of the supply chain. The benefits of deferred duty payments, reduced transportation costs, and minimal risk translate into substantial financial advantages for our clients.

Comprehensive Coordination and Reliability:

Our end-to-end service includes planning, coordination, shipping, and customs clearance, ensuring efficient storage and transportation of goods. Our expertise guarantees on-time, complete, and perfect condition delivery of goods.

As a leading comprehensive solution provider, TST Group combines bonded warehousing with a complete suite of transport services. Our strategic location, expertise in navigating the unique logistics between the UK, Ireland, and deeper into Europe, and our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions make us the preferred choice for businesses seeking efficiency, reliability, and excellence in warehousing and distribution. Partnering with TST Group means benefiting from a streamlined, efficient supply chain tailored to meet the complex demands of today’s markets.