TST Group, in a significant development, announces its partnership with Pallet-Track, marking a new chapter in its operational capabilities. This collaboration sees TST Group securing the Pallet-Track franchise for Northern Ireland, a strategic move that fortifies the company’s service offerings across Scotland, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

This collaboration is set to provide a comprehensive range of services, tailored to meet diverse customer needs.

Under this partnership, TST Group is poised to offer an array of delivery options ranging from a box to a pallet – next day to more extended delivery timelines, catering to various requirements across Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom and ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs.

The integration into the Pallet-Track network allows for an expanded offering of palletised freight collection and final mile delivery services, bridging the gap between the UK and Northern Ireland efficiently.

The partnership is a testament to the commitment of both the TST Group and Pallet-Track to excellence and customer satisfaction, poised to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Liam Reid, CEO of TST spoke highly of the partnership when he said “Our partnership with Pallet-Track represents a pivotal development for TST Group and Pallet-Track. With this partnership, TST Group will now further provide palletised freight collection and final mile delivery services to service both UK and Northern Ireland. We look forward to this winning collaboration.

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