TST Express, a subsidiary of the TST Group and formerly known as Warley Carriers, has received a Pallet-Track Platinum Award for elite performance throughout 2022.

To receive this award, members of the Pallet-Track network had to achieve at least 99% delivery service for a minimum of 10 out of 12 months of the year.  This performance rate takes network KPIs into consideration, including delivery on date and on time and damage rates.

TST Express is centrally located in Birmingham and represents the group as the UK Mainland depot. TST Express has been a shareholder of Pallet-Track since 2017 and handles, on average, approx. 500 pallets per day for the UK distribution network.  These results demonstrate the company’s ability to consistently perform at a high level. 

Caroline Green, Chief Executive of Pallet-Track, personally visited TST Group to hand over the award on 6th December and had this to say:

“To receive the Pallet-Track Platinum Award, members must have achieved at least 99% delivery service for the network for 10 out of 12 months of the year.  This is always a tremendous feat and never more so than in the current year with the challenges you and the membership have faced.  The standard of members in Pallet-Track is in itself extremely high and to have achieved this award demonstrates the quality of your organisation.  I am hugely grateful to you and your team for the impeccable service you have given to the network and your fellow shareholder members.  Well done and congratulations.”

Liam Reid, Chief Executive of TST Group added, “We are very proud to have received this award.  The whole distribution team deserves the recognition for their year-round hard work and dedication.  Of the 97 Pallet-Track members, only a few are awarded Platinum status, so this is a real achievement to be celebrated.”